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  • Compostable means that a product will break down into natural elements, but only in a compost setting.
  • Compostable materials are typically made from plants and other organic materials, such as corn starch, bagasse,
    or PLA bio-plastic.
  • Compostable products have two added benefits over biodegradable options: they break down much faster, many
    in roughly 90 days, and they also break down into nutrient-rich products, which generates healthy soil for the
  • While there are many similarities between biodegradable, compostable, and degradable items in terms of
    construction and look, they are vastly different and have very different impacts on the environment.
  • If you’re looking for disposables that can help you with transitioning your kitchen to zero waste, compostable
    items are the perfect choice because they’re sustainable, they turn into safe organic material, and they break
    down quickly.
  • In our throw-away culture, there is a high need to create products that are biodegradable, harmless or can be
  • Biodegradation and composability are new trends for green living.
  • Together we should focus on making sure that what we choose to use and what we toss out from our homes and
    places of business is organic and biodegradable.
  • Our goal is to create Earth an eco-friendly place with less waste.


  • Our disposable, compostable and biodegradable tableware is made from natural residual materials such as
    sugarcane bagasse or renewable resources, like wheat straw pulp, bamboo pulp or cassava starch or sustainably
    sourced wood or paper.
  • Sugarcane bagasse is the leftover fiber from sugarcane juice extraction.
  • Our raw materials are completely chemical and toxin free, resulting in a biodegradable and compostable
  • By “being responsible” about protecting and preserving the environment, you can show your customer how
    environmentally-conscious you are while serving them your delicious meals with Back to Nature Tableware and
    Food Packing product.
  • You can print your own brand logo on the products depending on material type and there will be a minimum
    order quantity.
  • We will need to make a printing template with your design, which will be a one-time cost.
  • Please contact us at for all your branding requirements and we can streamline it.


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