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SOIL Collection Natural Sugarcane Pulp 5 compartment meal tray Pack of 25pcs

38.00 AED 20.00 AED

  • Pack Size: 25pcs
  • Material: Natural Sugarcane Pulp
  • Size: 5 Compartment
  • Dimension: 305mm L x 248mm W x 30mm D
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This product is made from natural sugarcane pulp known as Bagasse, a renewable resource, which is the fibrous pulp remaining after the juice is extracted from the sugarcane stalks. This product is fully compostable since no toxic chemicals or bleach is used. It delivers superior performance as it is oil resistant, water resistant, heat resistant and cold resistant. Hence making them microwave friendly, oven-safe and freezer-safe.

The tray is rigid, sturdy and light-weight. They are great for hot and cold foods, like lunch or dinner meals etc.

The products being modular, the bowls in this range can used in combination with the trays to combine dishes.

They are US FDA approved for food use and has the UAE ECAS certificate of conformity for food contact material.

With so many benefits, this sugarcane tray is an obvious choice for single-use applications.


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