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PEARL Collection Sugarcane White Bagasse Clamshell Small 6inch Pack of 25pcs

38.00 AED

  • Pack Size: 25pcs
  • Material: Sugarcane White Bagasse
  • Size: 6inch
  • Dimension: 13 x 8.5 x 4 (Top x Btm x Height cm)
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These clamshell take out boxes are made from bagasse, that is the sugarcane pulp after the extraction of sugar. Thus they are 100% commercially compostable and are great for quick-service restaurants, catering events and parties, gatherings at home, buffet, food truck, or kiosk etc. for keeping food safe during take out or delivery.

They are microwave-safe, freezer-safe and resistant to oil/water/grease. Featuring a white color, they are suitable for hot or cold dishes and for reheating meals. They are light-weight, sturdy, 100% natural and toxic-free in contrast to their foam counterparts.

They are US FDA approved for food use and has the UAE ECAS certificate of conformity for food contact material.

With so many benefits, this sugarcane clamshell is an obvious choice for single-use applications.


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